Diary from the Inside 24 July – 6 August 2018 Part 121 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday 24 July 2018

01.11pm – Well it goes something like this: – In 2013 the police and the Crown prosecutors at my trial presented documents to the Court that portrayed me in a manner that the Jury would find me guilty, and did so, based on a print out from the Police National Computer. You would think that documents from the PNC would be without doubt. You would think, so, wouldn’t you? You would not expect documents presented by the police and the CPS would be forgeries? Of course not! Well, 5 ½ years later it comes to pass that they were and worse it is proved by the real documents!! These came to light on 17 July 2018!!! I sent them to a number of people and, of course, the Court of Appeal. What has happened to date: – all I know is, that everyone is in shock and the trial Judge retired early in November 2017!!!! The police in charge of my case all retired immediately after my trial ended. The CPS lawyer left the position at the start of my trial. My original QC fell ill before trial. A vital witness, Dr. David Thomas QC was talked out of giving evidence and died shortly after my trial. Lady Justice Heather Hallett retired. The single Judge who looked at my case was retired when he did so, etc, etc, etc. What now????

Wednesday 25 July 2018

07.44pm – Look at the news report below.

I watched the interview with Kate Garraway and Brian Llewellyn. All that is wrong with the UK is contained in that interview. Punch and Judy started in Italy in the 16th Century and there have never been any issues until, of course, in shite politically correct UK. Thank the Lord they are getting the hell out of the EU. When you cannot even have a historic puppet show, like Punch and Judy, then damn it, the whole of this country has gone mad. There was a black puppet. What is wrong with a black doll? Nothing, no more than a white, brown, yellow, puppet. Only in this country can a black puppet be deemed offensive. If a black puppet is offensive then are black people offensive? Of course not. We are all equal. Heaven’s sake Kate Garraway you are better than that!!!

Thursday 26 July 2018

08.57pm – One of the hottest days, but no problems for me as I can handle it. I received a lovely email from Dougie Coomb’s who is in China with his family. I’m so pleased he is doing well. He was abysmally treated by the UK, and by the prison service, but he took it in his stride, the gentleman he is. So, I truly hope he now shines, as he deserves. Here, so far so good, as I really cannot say more yet, but things are truly moving in the right direction and it will shorten my journey to Palazzo Chigi!!!!

Friday 27 July 2018

07.04pm – I had a right good laugh last night. I remembered what I used to clash with my parents over. You won’t believe it but, for me, then, it was a deadly fight way back when. We fought over (i) the length of my hair (ii) flared trousers (iii) the length of my sideburns (iv) whether I could go out Monday to Friday and be back at 9pm!! Those were the fighting grounds. Oh, and my shirt had to be always tucked in!!! Pretty damn mild to the drug taking, alcohol, violent children of today! But at the time I felt aggrieved. How the effing world has changed and not necessarily for the better. Now read this again and have a good laugh eh! What a world we live in today. Ugghh!!!

Saturday 28 July 2018

09.14pm – The weather has changed and it’s a bit cooler now. In my room last night, it was 32 degrees and tonight it’s 26 degrees and a fresh wind. I had a chat with my eldest son today and after considering what has now come to light – which I cannot yet say – the situation is not even funny anymore. The use by the police, CPS, Crown, knowingly of fake documents is so serious that if it comes to pass that Politicians knew and permitted, it will be a major situation. Throughout this, I have remained loyal and functional but now as my son says it’s not funny anymore. What they have done to me from 2013, and the last year, especially, is truly cruel and wicked. The UK Government complains about hacking from Russia, well eff me, they have authorized the hacking of their own Police National Computer – altered records – and re-adjusted them after using the documents to assist in obtaining a conviction. They hack their own computers so who can say if they do it on other matters and then blame the Russians, and Facebook, etc?? That is the real issue. I have seen computers hacked before by the State and it drove Tomlinson (look him up who worked for SIS) crazy. Payments he made were never received, and debts he never had were created, all to drive him mad until they were able to control him, as they now do, and have. I have always been loyal – it was not necessary for me to do what they did but never mind as I will deal with it legally and nicely. No room for anger.

Sunday 29 July 2018

06.45pm – I’m trying not to call my family because frankly it’s getting embarrassing, and I don’t have anything new to say. At the end of the day it is proved that the Police/Crown/CPS used false documents hacking into the Police National Computer and producing fake entries, and, as a direct consequence, I was convicted for allegations that were false and non-existent. Yet, I’m still here, and nothing is being done, because the order, and authority, to commit the false acts were given at the highest level. So, as I said before nothing will be done because it’s like the Judge sitting and hearing an Appeal based on his own ruling. For the past 5 ½ years I have been cool, calm, and collected, and just got on with what was imposed on me. That has obviously been taken as a weakness. Well, listen to this: – I don’t care if I have to serve my sentence, but time stands still for no person. It moves on, and when I am released I will expose what has happened. I will find out who hacked the Police National Computer, and who later hacked into it again, and put the dates back to the truth. I will find out who gave the order, and, I will take legal and political action. Be on notice I will use the law and politics. It won’t give me my time back but may put some in jail.

Monday 30 July 2018

07.46am- I wrote a story about the disappearance of Shergar and lo and behold there is a documentary on it which is darn near close to the mark of my story. Nice to see that after years all mine and Caroline’s stories are so appreciated that documentaries are made based on them. The programme actually said nothing new other than what I had written. Oh well!!






07.48am – Now I hope Caroline sends the following entry to Tony Parsons at the Sun on Sunday. He is on twitter @tonyparsonsuk!!! For all those who don’t understand why Elsheikh and Kotey cannot be tried in the UK let me say they are right. I don’t understand it either. The law says this: – the murder of a British citizen by a British citizen is triable at the Central Criminal Court. The last case was R-v-McQueen in 1985, at the Old Bailey. So, there is no reason why those two should not be tried in the UK. What the Home Secretary did is to bottle it. So, I say to Geoffrey Cox QC, MP, the Attorney General; please intervene and get a warrant out for a trial here.

Tuesday 31 July 2018

07.42am – Today it is 1951 days since I have been unlawfully and unjustly jailed. More revelations came to light last night when the Home Office disclosed to me further documents, emails. It’s incredible what lengths the Government went to ‘cull me.’ If one looks at it in one way – I sure as hell must have been important enough for a number of high ranking officials to put their careers on the line to falsify documents on me.  What was it the Government wanted? I only did my job and the Government kept screwing up and causing mayhem. The UK participated and instigated at least four evil Wars in my time and for what? I don’t know! I hope it was worth it. I’m saddened by the foul play methods the State went to, but then am I surprised? Not really, because for 35 years I participated actively myself in similar situations, and I should have known that one day they would turn on me. What was it Hemmingway wrote:

“Seek not for whom the bells toll

They toll for thee!”

07.46pm – The weather has changed yet again, for the better. You see, when there is sunshine and warmth, people behave better. Who the hell wants to wake up to the cold, snow, or rain? No one! So, thank you so much, God, for bringing us sunshine. As Morecambe and Wise sang “Give me Sunshine….”

Wednesday 1 August 2018

(written 31/07.2018) Yet again it’s nice to see that a documentary is made based upon a story that Caroline, and I wrote, some years back. Of course, for years there has been speculation on the ‘who done it’ murder, and I remember when my friend Charlie Richardson was alive I asked him about it. Do try and watch the documentary on catch up. I can’t watch it because in this place the majority prefer ITV2 and Love Island, rather than anything on TV, that God forbid, may just add to their knowledge. Yes, prison is about being a human car park of lost souls, there is no rehabilitation. Just people parked up until they go home. Look at the Criminal Justice Act 2003 s.142 and that spells out what prison is for. None of the elements is applied, only the retribution aspect.  What a pity. The government has a great chance to mend souls but is only interested in parking human beings in a can. Rest assured, I will address that issue when I’m back in Italy, in ‘political office’ for Italy. As far as Britain – well they had better learn quick, before 70 million people rebels. I won’t be here when that happens thank God.

Thursday 2 August 2018

07.23pm – Life is about having to make decisions. Not all will be the right decision, some will invariably be the wrong decision, but for God’s sake, at least, let there be some decision. What is happening in all fields of life is, that, people are afraid of making a decision, so, eff all gets done. Tomorrow, I start another bout of heavy antibiotics, again. It seems the last lot did not work. Damn and blast. I can deal with all except ill health or what I call the silent killer – carcinoma. As I say damn and blast!!! Grrrrr!!!

Wednesday 3 August 2018

08.05pm – It’s 31 degrees in my room but I’d rather have it this way. I’m back on antibiotics, and about 800mg, a day, of penicillin. Two weeks of hell, it will be, but I have to make do. No choice, as I need to get better. It’s a good job I’m working every day because it takes my mind off things. I’m hoping that things will happen, but do I believe in justice? Have to say so far, the last 5 ½ years and dealing with thousands of people, I have my doubts. Jeez, for the last 5 ½ years I almost started to doubt myself. Maybe that is what the Government really wanted, me to lose faith in myself. Well, it ain’t over – yet!

Thursday 4 August 2018

06.54pm – Stop going on, and on, about all the ways of the World GDS and let’s get back to a proper diary. Do you know anything about the Geneva Convention? Well, the first Geneva Convention was made in 1864 and ‘for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field.’   A Swiss businessman, called Henry Dunant, was the promoter. He had seen, first hand, in 1859, (hope the date is right) the Battle of Solferino, between the French, Piedmonts, and Austrian, armies, in Italy.  There was little, to no, medical help for both sides, and 40,000 plus wounded on both sides. When he went back to Switzerland in Geneva, precisely he published the first Geneva Convention. The second one dealt with the treatment of the wounded at sea, whilst the third, and fourth dealt with the treatment of prisoners of War and civilians in Wartime. The Convention covers even buildings where the wounded are treated, and the protection of civilians helping wounded soldiers. The Convention demanded respect for the Red Cross symbol, covering medical staff, ambulances, hospitals, and hospital ships. Only countries that signed were bound by the Convention. On the 22 August, 1864 only 12 Nations signed, but Britain signed in 1865. Today 196 countries have signed the Convention. During the first World War, more or less, the Convention was respected, but, by the Second World War, the Germans broke the Convention several times. Hitler issued an order on 18 October 1942, stating all captured allied forces personnel were to be shot. How do I know? Before I came here I was about to defend Hitler in a mock trial and that charge worried me more than the others.

Sunday 5 August 2018

12.38pm – A very hot day again but the sun is better than rain, sort of. Now, as I said, I have to stop the moaning and groaning. It is, what it is, and it will be until things change, and if things don’t change, they will stay as they are. So, let’s move on. Now, let’s see how well read you all are: – When was the last time you read the book: –

‘The Discovery of a World in the Moone’ (written in 1638).


‘A Discourse Concerning a New World and Another Planet’ (written in 1640).

Do you even know who wrote the books? OK, I will tell you – John Wilkins who was born in 1614 (as you are) and died in 1672 (as you do). He was an Anglican Priest and incidentally a Founder of the Royal Society. He studied at Oxford and, in 1656, (hope that is right), married a certain Miss French – yes, the youngest sister of, yours truly, Oliver Cromwell. Now, Williams believed the Moon and the Planets were inhabited because God would never create a Planet without life – logical enough. Would you believe he advocated that space travel would be beneficial because the Earth could ‘trade with extra-terrestrials?’ Believe it or not, Wilkins even experimented with spacecraft in the gardens of Wadham College Oxford. So, NASA eat your hearts out. Wilkins beat you all to it (the idea) by over 300 years!!!!

Monday 6 August 2018

07.28pm –

‘The hardest thing I’ve ever done,

is keep believing.

There’s justice in this crazy world for me,

the way people come and go,

through temporary lives.

My change could come, and I might never know.

I used to say, no promise,

Let’s keep it simple.

But freedom only helps you say goodbye.

It took a while for me to learn,

that nothing comes for free.

The price I’ve paid is high enough.

I know I need to be in love,

I know I’ve wasted too much time,

I know I ask perfection of a quite imperfect World,

And fool enough to think that’s what I’ll find.

So here I am with pockets full of good intentions,

but none of them will comfort me at nights.

I’m wide awake at 5 am,

without anyone in sight,

hanging on a hope, but I’m alright.

I know I need to be in love,

I know I’ve wasted the last seven years,

I know I ask perfection, of this imperfect World,

and fool enough to think that’s what I’ll find.’


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