Diary from the Inside 9 – 20 November – 2018 part 127 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Friday 9 November 2018

06.10pm – Now talking about the SS in Nazi Germany, and all over Europe, the troops were issued with pervitin tablets which, incidentally, contained methamphetamine which is crystal meth, which then allowed them to march for days without sleeping, eating, etc. Whilst on the subject of the SS the British Police are not so well trained as they think, and there have been a number of incidents where they did not do their safety checks. It’s until that the police are well trained and, in my view, as well as the military or MI5/MI6 who, believe me, are well, well, well, trained.

Saturday 10 November 2018

12.42pm – Today I was in the adjudication room translating for an Italian who was charged with having an unauthorized item. It was pleasant to see compassion from the Governor who understood the desperation of people who just need to stay in touch with the family abroad. There is room for compassion and well done to the Governor for spotting it and using the powers vested in him.  A nice day, so far, generally with nice weather.

Sunday 11 November 2018

(written 10/11/2018 at 09.11pm) – I don’t know why but I was thinking about David Kennedy the son of Robert Kennedy the brother of JFK. He died of a drug overdose when he had an accident, he was given morphine and as a result became an addict. Thus, the drug overdose. In 1981 I was living in Hampstead, one of my homes then, and on a Sunday had an abscess of my tooth. I called Red Dentists and was put through to a Dr. Mace who was a South African dentist. I went to his surgery in Harley Street and to ease the pain – without an anesthetic – he gave me an excess of morphine. My arms went blue but I felt no pain. For days I craved the damn drug but luckily, I was well trained and did not fall prey to drugs. I later found Dr. Mace was struck off for drug dealing but he sure as hell helped me out and although he committed a criminal offence in treating me, I never complained but, even today, I remember the craving. Thank God I was well trained!!!

Monday 12 November 2018

08.13pm – I was pleased to discover that there is an heir to Oscar Eildes, what could be, Estate! Vyvyan Holland was the son of Oscar Wilde and he apparently married Thelma Besant who protected the name of her father- in-law with gusto. There is a son called Merlin who published several books about his grandfather Oscar and I hope that Caroline can locate him and send a copy of the letter I received from the Ministry of Justice pardoning Oscar Wilde. The question now is this: – what are the effects of a Royal pardon? Well, you won’t be too surprised to learn I wrote a paper on that but in essence a Royal pardon does not pardon the crime just the consequences of it. But, in the case of a posthumous pardon since the consequences of it have slipped by and cannot be remitted can that mean the grandson of Oscar Wilde can make a claim against the Government? I think it is arguable. In law a case only has to be ‘arguable’ for it to have legs. I can’t find out much on Merlin Holland or maybe even Merlin Wilde, but if any of you can please let me know and as I have campaigned for the Pardon for Oscar Wilde it is good his family know that Oscar Wilde is actually named.

Tuesday 13 November 2018

08.43pm – Today has been a really hard-working day. I completed a 52-page grounds of appeal for one person yet have failed to dig out three documents required for my own case which would get me released early. What the eff is wrong with me? Why do I always put others before myself and my family? It that a trait that cannot be changed? I’m truly appalled by my own conduct, I need to wake up and get my own case in order and if I do, I get out quick! But as I sang ‘I am what I am.’

Wednesday 14 November 2018

12.11pm – Just in case you didn’t know, Hitler had a Jihadi SS group. They were the Albania Totenkopf and they were fez’s and were top SS just like the ones in Germany. It was said that it took three British Commandos for one German SS. The weaponry they had were MP40 machine guns, P38 pistols, and PPK pistols, all 9mm. Today Hamas, the US special forces still use MP5 with 9mm and GN2000 but the British are still on 5.56mm. HK53 SA80 machine guns which means that the US are not in on the deal to change ammunitions and someone is getting rich on the UK smaller caliber bullets.

Thursday 15 November 2018

Well, I thought I had trouble but this country has even more. They can’t agree on anything regarding Brexit. This reminds me of when White & Case lawyer for Credit Lyonnaise trying to take MGM back from us, they produced a 300-page memorandum of agreement regarding prepayment of $890 million and the consequences if we did not. This was in 1990/1991. I thought this absurd so, I produced what I called a Corporate Governance Agreement of one page and one clause – something like this: ‘In the event the debtor fails to repay the Creditor back the full sum of xxxxx plus interest the Creditors will take possession of all the assets of MGM, and full ownership of the shares, and the borrowers will give vacant possession of all the offices and resign as directors. Now, where this silly UK is going wrong is this: When the Referendum voted to leave the EU the same day the PM should have triggered Article 50 and left as soon as was possible. After the UK left would the UK see what advantages there were in any deal the EU offered. I mean, what was the position of the UK and the EEC in 1971 before the UK joined? What arrangements were in place? Go back to then. Make it as if the last 40 years plus was a nullity. I really don’t understand the problem and most is self-inflicted – as usual.

Friday 16 November 2018

01.01pm – For reasons that I can’t quite figure out – yet – I remembered an old song (well I am old) by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein called ‘Folks Who Live On the Hill.’ Here are two lines I can remember that may well apply to me: –

‘We’ll sit and look at the same view,

Just we too.

Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill

The Folks who liked to be called

What they have always been called

The folks who live on the hill.’

Reminded me of the fascination that dear old Euripides had for Agathon. If my memory is correct I think good old Lord Byron also wrote about Euripides in a letter he wrote to Francis Hodgson in …..1811 (Shite I hope the year is right) and the only reason I know is, that Byron was drummed into us for A level by my teacher Mick Wright who sadly died in a car crash mid-term. That had an impact on us and his classes were taken over by a Mr. G.K. (I’m only going to use his initials) and when I published ‘Recitations’ I sent Mr. G.K. a copy which he sent back saying that because I had defended Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic et al he was ‘ashamed’ he had been my teacher. I was quite hurt but then I remembered what Mr. G.K. had drummed into me – all are entitled to an opinion even those we don’t agree with. Still, I was quite hurt but life goes on.

Saturday 17 November 2018

06.32pm – The Governor allowed me to have two photos taken and I did that on Wednesday so, I will send to my family which must not be published. I do not betray the trust of those who give me trust.

06.35pm – I am so glad that Theresa May the PM, has managed to hold firm. What those idiots who oppose her do not understand is that the 26 EU members will not negotiate the Brexit deal with anyone so, it does not matter if you remove her. That is the deal, take it, or leave it. Well done Theresa – those with loyalty will stand by you and you will prevail.

06.38pm – Sorry must sign off – headache – I’m back on heavy antibiotics.

Sunday 18 November 2018

07.29pm – I was thinking back today as to how I dealt with my children. Did I try and control them? Surely it would have better to support rather than control? It’s a question that is – as I sang – always on my mind. Incidentally have a look on YouTube to my version of ‘Always On My Mind.’ Let me know what you think.

07.31pm – I have sent the photos that the governor allowed to be taken of me to my family.

07.32pm – The weather has kept the sunshine during the day good!!!!

Monday 19 November 2018

12.57pm – Children! Who would be with them? Who would be without them? I had a conversation with my 33-year-old and did not realise that he is carrying a beef since he was a couple of years old! He has a valid point but really should it have waited over 30 years before bringing to the table??? Still, as I said he has a valid point which I will resolve and sorry it has taken so long.

01.00pm ‘You’re my World’ or ‘Il mio Mondo.’ I think I recorded a version of that song. If I did can Caroline put it on my diary please?

‘Il mio Mondo.’

01.10pm – I had three emails from friends who watched the documentary Notorious by the BBC on me. Leaving aside most of the contents one thing that all three said and the three people do not know each other so, there could be no collusion – they all commented how my eldest son – who was part of the documentary – “you can see he loves his dad.” What a thing to note. Two went on to say “He sure is your kind of son.” What kind exactly I don’t know. He is a Di Stefano but not always a ‘Di Stefanite’ if you know what I mean. Prince William said that he will be Prince of Wales ‘his own way’ and different to his father recognizing the great work his father has done. All my children are individuals and I’m immensely proud of them all and I hope they are of me because I have created a Legacy – find it!!!

Tuesday 20 November 2018

I’m blessed with a retentive memory so I share the closing speech in the Trial of John Goth Jr. I had the pleasure to know his father.


06.31pm – A few months back I wrote about the sudden death of a man I knew well and who was in my view the greatest orator since Clarence Darrow or F.E. Smith (later Lord Birkenhead) namely Sir Desmond De Silva, I’m shocked that still today his body has not been released by the Coroner. Why? It’s been six months? Even Dr. Shipman had a kind of burial although it did take much longer in Shipman’s case for his body to be released. So, what is going on. I feel for his family – Helga his sister, and Desmond’s wonderful daughter Victoria. I hope Caroline will send my concerns to Victoria. The only reason the Coroner can withhold release of the body is if there is reasonable cause to suspect an unnatural death! If there are suspicions then can they please be brought to light. It is not fair on his family and friends who require closure and to pay respects to a truly great man and a truly colosseum of a lawyer. He mesmerized a Jury, and Judges respected him. I had the pleasure of working with Desmond and another great, Victor Durand, and let me tell you that Desmond wanted to represent me in 2013 but he was not well enough. He gave me great advice: “prepare your case Giovanni prepare your case friend now.” How I wish I had taken his advice.

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