Coronavirus COVID-19 a Suitable Case for a Requiem Part Three by Giovanni Di Stefano

Any jurist worth anything will ask of the Government a very simple question when it comes to COVID-19: –

  • Did the person die with Coronavirus, or,
  • Did the person die because of Coronavirus?

You see there is a gargantuan difference between COVID-19 being the actual cause of the death, and COVID-19 being found in a person who died of other causes. Most of the news reports clearly state that the ‘majority’ of cases died having ‘other underlying’ symptoms’. Those ‘underlying conditions’ are per se often very fatal diseases.

As of 29 March 2020, worldwide it would appear that just over 600,000 have tested positive for COVID-19 with some less than 30,000 deaths worldwide. So far, the highest deaths are in Italy and Spain, and with China, Iran, France, UK, and the USA. Below. Turkey, Sweden, and Indonesia just over 100 deaths each and Brazil, Canada, Japan, Ecuador, and Greece, well below 5O deaths each.

Let us consider, again the advice to stop the virus:

  • Wash hands regularly with soap
  • Cough into the elbow not hands
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Stay more than 6 feet apart
  • If you don’t feel well stay at home
  • Take paracetamol if you have a headache.

They say that in the next twelve months there will be a baby boom but that makes no logistical sense if the advice is to stay six feet apart unless virtual, copulation is somehow invented.

Of the under 30,000 deaths recorded the actual number of people worldwide who died solely because of having COVID-19 and of no other underlying disease is:


So, what is actually going on? It is a valid question to put to the World Health Organisation and to the European Leaders who have shut down the world and incredibly are each asking their own citizens to return home. My sweet Lord is that not what the nationalistic parties in each country seek? Is that what the USA/UK/EU want? Do they want to actually curtail immigration, did not know how to do it because of the politically correct brigade and jumped on the back of the COVID-19 virus?

As previously stated in Italy and the UK there is a natural death rate of about 1,600 people per day. In Germany, it’s a little higher at 2,200 per day. Now, make no mistake any death even a second less than what should be is a tragedy but does the whole world stop dead and does the world suffer being buried prematurely because of a virus whose RNA can fit into a single piece of paper?

Does the government quite understand that the majority of those who will suffer the most, as a consequence of this lockdown, are the elderly?

Has the government in various countries actually asked the elderly if they would prefer to see their grandchildren and family or stay in home detention reducing the risk (if any) of dying a day earlier than expected? What actually do we humans expect of life? Who decides how long we live? Do we participate in the lottery of life? Those are the sort of questions that Socrates would ask and yes, in Greece which is deemed one of the ‘poorer’ countries in the EU they have an elderly population but the lowest deaths (32) from 1,061 positive tests for Coronavirus.

This is what most of the EU Countries have done with the lockdown policy:- a man who has cancer goes to an oncologist who advises him to cut off his left ear and thumb from his right hand and, little finger from his left hand and, put a patch over his left eye and then extract two front teeth. The patient recovers from the cancer taking also the prescribed medication but the· oncologist writes a paper in the Lancet that his unique treatment has saved the mans’ life. All very well but what about how the man looks? Who will pay the hospital fees for the doctors doing their part of the surgery? The man now has fingers missing, two front teeth out, an ear cut off and a patch over his eye.

With less than 200 dying as a direct result of the Coronavirus is it a price worth paying? Anyone who watches the film Contagion will have seen a facsimile of the coronavirus and, in fact, it was the coronavirus that was the subject of the film.

Do you know what halted nuclear exercises’ worldwide in the early 1980s?

It was a film called ‘The Day After’ with Jason Robards and about how Russia and the USA fired nuclear missiles at each other. People watching the film on TV were scared as hell. The various governments worldwide opened trauma centres for people who might be affected by the counterfeit. It was great PR and the indoctrination of the media leading up to the screening of the movie was worthy of what is happening today.

As a result, it stopped any nuclear possibilities because even the USA/USSR were afraid.

As for shutting down the world the only ones who really suffer are the aged. They have every right de facto and de jure to have social contacts, to travel and go on holiday, and to see their grandchildren, children, and loved ones. They have a right to have hobbies and sports and all of those actually help to enhance and prolong life. What the government is doing worldwide or one- third of the world is as a result of panic over 200 deaths as a direct result of Coronavirus and nothing else.

What the authorities have done is to make COVID-19 a ‘notifiable’ disease which means that if anyone who has COVID-19 (regardless of any other disease) then COVID-19 goes on the death certificate and numbers. That is truly on the verge of criminal and that is why the harsh reality is that less than 200 people have died worldwide solely as a result of COVID-19 yet the ‘recorded’ numbers are what seems much higher.

One wonders, whether the Fraud Act 2006 could be invoked?

When all of this has passed us by what is of vital importance is that each country, the European Commission, and the United Nations, need to establish a proper enquiry into how this pandemonium, not pandemic, occurred and to make anyone or any country responsible for aiding and abetting the panic.

In the meantime, all that we can do is to open Pandora’s box and find the hope we all strive to return to some kind of normality as we no doubt will and hold, as expected, no one to account for this.


Written – 29/03/2020


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