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Confirmed – Oscar Wilde Pardoned Under The New ‘Turing Law’ by Giovanni Di Stefano

On the 26 March 2018 the Ministry of Justice confirmed that Oscar Wilde was pardoned under the new ‘Turing Law’ as per letter below:-



Since early 2000 Giovanni Di Stefano has been requesting for a free posthumous pardon for Oscar Wilde, as per article below published originally in 2011 and, thereafter, 2014  and, now, finally Oscar Wilde has officially been pardoned.





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One thought on “Confirmed – Oscar Wilde Pardoned Under The New ‘Turing Law’ by Giovanni Di Stefano

  1. If Oscar Wilde had sex with anyone under 16 and evidence of this was included in his trials, then in my view, he has not been pardoned. The pardon under the ‘Turing Act’ covers those dead and convicted of gay sex crimes which are no longer crimes- i.e. in private, consenting and both parties 16 yrs or over.

    While Alan Turing was given a named pardon , others are not named. The figure given by the Ministry of Justice of over 50,000 is an estimate.

    Of course many convictions were for offences in public places and these are not pardoned by the legislation.

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