Diary from the Inside 21 November – 10 December 2018 part 128 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 21 November 2018

08.16pm – Today I met two very good lawyers from Wells Burcombe, who came to deal with adjudications. It was nice chatting to young, but very capable, lawyers about the profession. They are both very intelligent and good advocates. The rest of the day I spent drafting a petition to Parliament on what were IPP sentences. Boy, this Government has a problem with the English language – what does abolish mean to you? It means ‘to do away with.’ So, how can those serving IPP sentences, who are released on license, be then recalled for whatever transgression to serve a sentence that has been abolished or done away with? In 2012 there were nearly 7,000 people serving a sentence that was ‘done away with.’ Today the figure stands at nearly 3,000 but how many released and recalled no one knows. Statistics? Can’t trust them.  I asked an Albanian person here about some statistics in his country. He replied: “we don’t do statistics because they are manipulated.”  Funny eh? How true that is everywhere. In the United Arab Emirates, a person who is British has been sentenced to life for spying. Britain has warned the UAE of repercussion if the person is not released. Well in this country 10% of prisoners are innocent – that is nearly 9,000 good people in jail who should not be. So, first look after your own prison population then lecture others on theirs!!!

Thursday 22 November 2018

07.49pm – It does sort of ‘urine me off’ when I see stories like the one below.

The guy stole £1.4 million and he gets 12 months suspended sentence!!! Sorry, but something is not quite right. I have also heard that my Trial Judge, Alistair McCreath has been appointed to the Parole Board as a Judge. A total shambles. HHJ McCreath defied the order of the Information Commissioner and refused to hand over his emails regarding me! No wonder, because it would have shown them what I call ‘judicial black arts.’

07.22pm – Today Theresa May the PM presented her Brexit deal to Parliament. Do you know whose fault all these stupid times is? David Davis the first Brexit Minister. Why? Because he spent more time living it up, and in fine restaurants, than negotiating the deal to exit the EU. David Davis is entirely to blame but Theresa May PM put too much trust in a man incapable of running a bath let alone a department.

Friday 23 November 2018

07.17am- In July of this year it came to light that the police or some official body altered my PNCs (Police National Computer) records showing at Trial that I had a number of antecedents. That was totally false but I could not prove it and who would believe a person on Trial against Police Computer entries? I don’t blame the Jury in 2013 at all. Over the next few years, even I began to believe that I had lots of antecedents because I viewed the PNCs. Then in July of this year it came to light, thanks to this prison, that a few months after the end of my Trial the police, or some official body, with access to the PNC changed back my PNCs to the real ones, showing that there were no previous convictions and what I was telling the Jury was true. Of course, had I had those in 2013 (a) I would have received something like a 2 to 4-year sentence and (b) the conviction may well have not occurred because the Jury would have asked why, or who, in the Government falsifies police computers? So, in the spirit of transparency, I might ask Caroline to publish in the New Year (1) the PNC that were given at Trial and (2) the real one which shows the abuse of power of this Government.

Saturday 24 November 2018

06.42pm – I have somewhat wandered of late in my diary dealing with perhaps not so interesting issues. Let’s get back on track. What do you know about a secret involving the HMS Affray that was launched on 12 April 1944? That was incredibly the last Submarine ‘lost at sea.’ The Submarine was actually fitted with a snorkel to allow it to use its diesel engines when under the water. The use of a snorkel is called ‘snorting’ and of course today one snorts drugs. The Submarine had just been repaired at Gosport in Hants when it was ‘ordered’ to exercise. That meant snorting at night in a very busy shipping lane and the risk of collision was high!!! What many don’t know is that the Commander of another Submarine, similar to HMS Affray, refused to comply with the order. No disciplinary action was taken against him. Not for Commander of the HMS Affray Lt. John Blackburn who obeyed the order and put out to sea on 16 April 1951. The normal crew of Affray was 61 but 11 had been ‘left behind.’ Five Royal Marines and twenty trainees were taken abroad, making a total of 75 on board. At 09.15pm HMS Affray signaled it was going under. The intention was to resurface at 08.30pm the next day. Nothing was ever heard of HMS Affray again. The Submarine had air for two days but it took six weeks before it was found on a sea bed of more than 250 feet and just west of Alderney in the Channel Islands. A TV camera was used to examine the Submarine and found the snorkel had broken. The Mast was recovered and found to be weak in the structure. A valve that should have been closed was open. HMS Affray was not seaworthy and should never have been put to sea. To stop claims the Defence Secretary made the Submarine a ‘War Grave’ to stop any attempt to raise it. Seventy-five men died for nothing.

HMS Affray

Sunday 25 November 2018

07.22pm – Today it’s my daughters’ birthday and I gave her a happy birthday call. It was only yesterday that it feels she was a little girl in a pram and now she is married with three children. When I asked her the name of ‘the criminal’ she still remembered ‘Abel Magwitch’ and the name of the boy was ‘Pip’ I mean honestly, I made all my children know the storyline of Great Expectations. Why? Well, work it out for yourselves but all my children know all the characters and the plot!!! The rest of the day for me was ‘Great Expectations.’

Monday 26 November 2018

07.44am – You know our whole lives we spend avoiding death – for example, the only reason we eat is to avoid dying. We perform complicated surgery to repair the body – why? To live! 100% of our time is spent avoiding shutting down and dying. Yesterday, I ate a piece of chicken and today my foot hurt – gout. More effing pills. So, it leads me to ask the inevitable question: –

Tuesday 27 November 2018

12.54pm – Here is a blast from the past that I bet hardly anyone will have heard: – Bruno Pontecorvo!!!! Name ring any bells? No, probably not unless you live in the world of Nuclear Physics! You see Prof. Bruno Pontecorvo was an Italian Nuclear Scientist who came to work in England to perfect the Nuclear Bomb for England. An act of treason for the Italian Constitution but whatever he came to England and thanks to him, and only him, Britain became a Nuclear power.

 Prof. Bruno Pontecorvo

I first came across his name in the late 1980s looking through some files at the, then, SIS HQ. Then I noticed something else – in 1950 he effed off, sorry defected, to Russia and no doubt helped USSR, as it then was, enhance its nuclear capacity. So, that led me to think this: if Prof. Pontecorvo was ready to betray his country – Italy – for Britain, then why did the British accept his help with the Nuclear Bomb knowing he was a man without loyalty? Or was it that Bruno Pontecorvo was, in fact, a double or God forbid triple/quadruple Agent, and who can say whether Pontecorvo reported to London what he was doing in Moscow? Why did an Italian nuclear scientist get involved at all in this shite business? Is there anyone, other than me, that is loyal to their Mandate and cause? I still am, despite what they have done to me – for now – because the loyalty gene is too strong.


Wednesday 28 November 2018

(Written 27/11/2018 @ 08.55pm) – I was watching tonight the film ‘Two Lovers’ with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow and the music in the scene where he meets her married lover, damn it, is the same music as in my documentary ‘Notorious’ – The Devils Advocate – and since my Documentary was made in 2003 and ‘Two Lovers’ in 2009 then the makers copied the music. How interesting, and I guess it’s a compliment to me. Watch the film and you will enjoy it, I’m sure, as I did.

28/11/2018 @ 12.49pm – I can’t quite understand why an Italian Covert wants to prosecute Italians for paying to be awarded a contract that is (a) good for the Italian Economy and (b) good for the employment of Italy. So, effing what if a front-end fee flat commission is made! Madness galore. I see that an Italian businessman Giuseppe Morale is convicted in the UK of bribery. Sentencing will be on 11 December 2018, the same date as the Brexit vote and more important my son’s birthday!!! The whole world has gone nuts as Piers Morgan says.

Thursday 29 November 2018

07.53pm – Well, well, well! Thank you to Sir Roger Gale MP. He has presented my Petition to Parliament about so-called ‘hidden assets.’ The Judiciary has to be reined in a little because they are creating Law without the sanction of Parliament and it’s time to stop them. Parliament decides the Law – the Citizens comply or break it, and Judiciary dispense Justice by applying the Law Parliament has enacted. That is how it is. For too long the Judiciary have simply created law without the sanctions of Parliament no more, please.












Friday 30 November 2018

01.04pm – Today in 1982 the film Gandhi starring Ben Kingsley had its Premiere in New Delhi, India. For me, it has its own very special significance which only one person knows and the consequences!!!! Guess, guess, guess, all you like but only one person knows what I mean!!!

01.08pm – What a lovely day it is turning out. The sun is out and it’s about 15 degrees and it’s a day of December. What the hell is going on? I’m not complaining just saying how nice it is that it’s not cold or raining.

08.04pm – The Petition to Parliament is effective and I hope that this situation comes to a head. Judges must not act above their Mandate. Parliament must always be supreme Legislators.

Saturday 1 December 2018

06.55pm – When two criminals do a deal let’s say stolen goods or drugs, do you expect either to give or request a receipt? If you go to a shop and you buy an item you would expect a receipt would you not? So, when I found out that thousands of kilos of gold had been transferred from the Bank of England to the Bank of Italy, would you not expect a receipt or some paper trail for the handover? Of course, you would but watch this space soon.

Sunday 2 December 2018

07.34pm – Today I have completed my investigative article ‘The Greatest Legal Gold Bullion Robbery.’ Its shocking what has happened and I’m sad with what has happened. Just how low can a country’s government go? Anyway, when you read it no doubt you will tell me your views. It has taken me three years to investigate and write it.









07.08pm – Another sad Xmas for me. When you read my article, you may just end up questioning who the thieves really are in this world. It’s the longest story I have ever taken to investigate and, write and, without any facility available other than, pen, paper, and postage stamps, and the long wait of returning post.

Monday 3 December 2018

07.03am – Now, looking out of my window I can see a half moon and to its left below a bright light so the star or planet is back.

That is how it looks. Can someone tell me what the hell that light is? Is it a planet or a star or the European Space Station? It’s so bright.

08.26pm – Today the Attorney General Geoffrey cox – a brilliant lawyer who finished the Nicholas Van Hoogstraten case – came under much fire in Parliament. He is wrong on this case – Parliament voted for the full legal advice to be published and he has refused. That means contempt of Parliament and what a mess. On another front, I am publishing with this entry my letter to the Parole Board about the legality – or lack of it – of IPP sentences. Since the Parole Board appointed so-called expert Jurists then they should have no difficulty in reviewing my submissions. I tell you all – this country is well and truly effed! What the hell has happened to the integrity of the UK since I came here in 1961, I just don’t know!!!

Tuesday 4 December 2018

07.19am – Now this morning the Moon and the Planet/Star/European Space Station can be seen from my window like this.

Yesterday, it was the other way around. What the eff is it? How I wish that I had research facilities but the Government do not want anyone to learn, in case they learn that the Government are bigger thieves than those who end up in jail for stealing. It has taken me two years to convince the Governor to change the rap music channel to a movie channel because this new type of rap or zig/zing whatever it’s called – I think ‘Drill’ – is all about guys, drugs, murder, disrespect for women, and other such like. So, why the hell was the Prison Service allowing it when they banned any video that was other than 15? Absurd logic. You can’t have any DVD that is more than 15, yet a whole channel on such stuff like rap/drill? So, we now have another movie channel. I’m still trying to convince the governor to put on educational channels like BBC4, Yesterday, and Drama, and National Geographic. We do have True+1 which is solely about murder? One person here who is in the last 11 years of life for murder said: “Why do I want to be reminded of what I did?” “Why indeed!!!”

Friday 5 December 2018

07.13am – No Moon and no what I call guiding light beside it this morning. Let’s move on to a more interesting matter. I think that maybe you will not have heard of the Empire of Trebizond which is now called Trabzon in Turkey yet it held power from…1204 to 1461, and I hope to God I have not lost all my facilities and got the dates right. Trebizond is a narrow strip of land composed of the South Eastern Black Sea Coast, a portion of the Pontic Alps and Southern part of the Crimean Peninsula, which was only the size of Wales. It was a Byzantine Greek successor State, established after the fall of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire in the Fourth Crusade. Why was it an Empire? Because it gained great wealth from the taxes it levied on the goods traded between Persia and Europe, via the Black Sea, and it housed an incredibly diverse group of people, Georgians, Greeks, Americans, Venetians! Now, compare that to what was the British Empire which at its peak in the 1920s (just 100 years ago) covered 13 million square miles which were 25% of the whole world and had territories in every Continent. The reason for my chant is this: – what the eff went wrong for Britain in the last 100 years? In fact, what went wrong since I first landed at Dover on the 13 February 1961? The answer is this: – I don’t know. How do you lose 13 million square miles from 1939 – 1969 which basically are the key years? Put it down to the Second World War if you like but I doubt that is right. I just don’t know and if you do please email me.

Thursday 6 December 2018

08.22pm – Today was a boring day but, yes there is a but some interesting news from the Southwark Crown Court, however, I will have to remain silent for a while. I can though refer those that are interested in the Criminal Justice Act 2003 s.240A (12). You will have to work it out but I was in the UK from 2011 to 2013.

08.26pm – Last week, Sky showed again the documentary I took part in about my dear loyal friend Charlie Richardson. What a true friend he was. He even came to see me in Rome. He was really a great friend. Anyway, Sky could easily have slagged me off, but they also behaved very correctly and I thank them for it. Many of the news media try and airbrush you out of history once you make a mistake in life. Not Sky. So, I thank Martin Brunt and all of Sky and big thanks to Fred Dinenage for his professionalism and loyalty. The story of Charlie Richardson and why he received such a savage sentence is in his book!! Great!!! I do miss Charlie and may he truly rest in peace.


Friday 7 December 2018

08.11pm – Today I’m pretty peed off about a few things. Number 1 – the police, or someone capable of hacking the Police National Computer, falsified records to show at my trial and prove convictions that were not there, and, then, after I am in jail to re-hack them again and put all the real data back. This came to light in July of this year and all who know about it were horrified but what was done about it? Eff all!! Number 2 – My original Trial Counsel Jeff Samuels QC suddenly became ill a few weeks before my trial date in 2013 and has not practiced since. Number 3 – Dr. David Thomas QC who was my friend, mentor and who wrote to the Court to give evidence to support me was frightened off and died that year. Number 4… – well, I can go on, and on, for example, Judge Alistair McCreath wrote the sentence remarks on the 20th March 2013, some seven days before I was found guilty by a Jury with two police officers in it! You see the State is so powerful that it’s hard as hell to get justice when the State decides in advance your fate. It does not matter if you are guilty or innocent. The State decides and I have been part of that State but never did I believe the State would ever turn on me, but it has.

Saturday 8 December 2018

12.46pm – Well, now to all the ladies who read my diary – quick – look at your index finger and if its longer than your ring finger then it’s all over – you are deemed likely to cheat and have affairs. It also makes you constantly on the lookout for men. So, have a look, examine, and drop me an email and by the way when you use email a prisoner you can tick a box that allows me to reply and reply I will. Hell knows how it works but I’m told it does work.

12.49pm – What a load of old rubbish about the index finger longer than ring finger crap. This is research from Oxford University. Instead of finding a cure for all types of illnesses they spend money on women being cheats, and having affairs, by the way, when a woman or man has sex with someone other than who they are married to why call it ‘cheating?’ The word cheat = deceive or practice deceit to gain an advantage. So, what if you tell your wife/husband? You are not practicing deceit, thus, not a cheat, so, why call it cheating? I mean it’s not like in Law and cheating was a common Law offence abolished by the Theft Act 1968 S.32(1) except cheating the Revenue. You can cheat under the Gambling Act 2005 s.24 but cheating within a marriage is not the correct word – you may not necessarily be depriving your partner – you may have sex with both and deprive neither party but you would be so tired…..

Sunday 9 December 2018

08.02am – Looking at the trouble in Paris and the so-called ‘yellow Jacket Movement’ reminds me of the wonderful phrase:

‘For countries to live and be in peace there needs to be a real presence of justice.’

When the citizen feels there is no sense of justice or Piso’s justice then there is a good potential of rebellion. So, what was Piso’s justice? Piso was a Roman Statesman who lived in the time of Jesus. When he was Governor of Syria, he sentenced a soldier to death for the murder of a man called Gaius. The soldier denied any knowledge of Gaius’ disappearance. So, just as the Centurion who had been ordered to execute the soldier was about to kill him, news came that Gaius was found alive and well. The Centurion called the execution off. When Piso heard of this he resentenced all three men to death:

  1. The soldier because he had been sentenced to death.
  2. The Centurion for disobeying an order
  3. Gaius for being responsible for the innocent death of two men.

When Piso made his judgment and sentenced all three to death he used the following phrase:

‘Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum’











By the way in the hectic Trials of Tudor times when witches were burned alive the phrase ‘Fiat Justitia’ was used.

Well, let me tell you – that in the kind of justice we have in England, and it’s been getting worse by the day. How much longer the citizen will allow this is to be seen.

Monday 10 December 2018

(written 09.12.2018 @ 10.11pm) – Watching the news I note that there is much discord at the Climate Change Conference in Poland. The meeting calls for a 1 degree less emission to reduce climate change. Now, that is not something I really deal with in my diary and in my life, but it made me remember an episode in July 1964 when I was nine. My parents were at work and I was at home during the holidays. I remember getting a can of my mother’s hair lacquer and opening a window and spraying in the air. For days I was worried that I might have hurt the atmosphere and that someone could die. I mean, truly believed I had caused irreparable harm. Still, today at 64 I remember the feeling of worry. Of course, no harm. The point is, I thought it might, and it was 1964, and no one gave a damn about climate change, so, was that the seventh sense in me. Is that sense to all humans? When we do something wrong, do we know or realise it’s wrong? What actually measures wrongdoings? My mother used to chastise me because I asked too many questions and look all those years passed and nothing’s changed!!! Well, I’ll be glad nothing changed. I’m facing my 6th Xmas wrongly detained. It’s time to fight back.












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